June 03, 2011

My Kurt Geiger’s

I am over the moon with these beauties. I’ve been looking for heels like this for ages, I just wanted high, black suede high heels –how hard can that be to find? I went to London, Bath and Bristol looking for them and had no luck what so ever. They either weren’t high enough, didn’t come in black or weren’t suede. I found a similar pair in Topshop but they sold out quickly and even those didn’t have a high enough heel. BUT Kurt Geiger has put an end to my search. They really are the most beautiful heels; I wanted black suede because I think it looks so much classier than patent leather or a bright colour. Understated elegance was what I aimed for and KG delivered. I doubt I’ll be wearing them to my local nightclub though! These are definitely London shoes. I just have to learn to walk in them... 

June 02, 2011

A weekend in Madrid

I never got round to blogging about my trip to Madrid in September so I’m posting it now (:
It was only two days and one night in Spain, but it was probably the best weekend of my life. There were some problems to begin with such as my plane being cancelled and greeting everyone with “aloha” but after a quick lesson in Spanish basics it turned out to be a Madrid adventure. It was a really big deal for me, I had never flown on my own previously nor had I been to Spain before. The flight was a mixture of nerves and excitement and as soon as I landed I faced my first challenge. A man at the taxi rank pointed to my hair and said something in Spanish, all I could make out was “Marilyn Monroe”. I gave a taxi driver a scrap of paper with a scribbled address on and without saying a word he chucked my suitcase into the back of the car and gestured me to get in. Cautiously I did. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish but he still tried to have a conversation with me all during the entire 40 minute journey. I think I fell in love with Madrid right there and then; seeing all the beautiful buildings, the amazing architecture and the chic women walking by. I arrived in one piece, sorted out my hand luggage and headed out to explore. I did a bit of shopping, mastered the metro and had the most delicious tapas. I was determined to make the most of the short time I had so Instead of going to sleep for the night, I headed out to Club Kapital. It’s a multi floor night club and the biggest in Spain, and my god does it live up to its reputation! It cost 20 Euros to get in and the drinks were 10 Euros, but the measurements were truly Spanish! The top floor had an open roof, a fountain, cinema size screens and sofas. People were actually taking a nap for an hour or so and then heading back downstairs to the dance floor. The first floor was amazing, jam packed with people dancing. Every few minutes they blasted cold air onto the floor, so strong I nearly fell over. The music was mostly English and at the end confetti fell from the ceiling. I left the club at 7 in the morning and wandered across the road for breakfast in a cafe. That kind of lifestyle I could definitely get used to! I had an hour nap before going off shopping once more. It was an incredible weekend and a place I want to return to soon. 

Check out this link for my other Madrid photography - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jennalroberts/sets/72157626551932396/

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